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SCHÄFER Metallurgie GmbH, D-53773 Hennef / Sieg
Schäfer Metallurgie

Innovative metallurgical products from Schäfer for refining and cleaning of molten metal.

Schäfer Metallurgie GmbH

Schäfer Metallurgie GmbH is now working for more than 90 years for the foundry industry. Schäfer generated a worldwide net of customers and developed some well known products in these years. Schäfer products make the work in foundries much easier. They help to clean the metal and the furnace and have excellent refining properties.

Strength of Schäfer:

  • For more than 90 years in foundry market
  • Excellent customized customerservice
  • Research and development leads to contious innovation of products
  • Development of special products and customized
  • Certified ISO 9001 und 14001

Schäfer is specialized in:

  • Cleaning of molten metal
  • Reduction of dross
  • Refining with Natrium and Strontium
  • Diecoats for coquilla casting
  • Development of special customized products