ALEASTUR – Englisch

ALEASTUR, Asturiana de Aleaciones, S. A , Pg. Ind. Maqua, s/n, E-33400 AVILES-ASTURIAS
Masteralloys from Aleastur

Asturiana de Aleaciones, S. A. – shortname ALEASTUR – is a worldwide leading, most important supplier of the Aluminium industry! All products are made in the north of Spain and from there are send out in all the world.

You can buy all master alloys of Aleastur via ALUinside, as well small quantities!

Our tipp: In case you do not have big time pressure by melting you should use contibars instead of sticks for Strontium refining. The advantage oft he 500g contibars are, that they go to melt very late and save the Strontium loss. Second is that they are cheaper cause the are used as a preproduct oft he sticks.

Here you can download Aleastur presentation as PDF: ALEASTUR als PDF herunter laden.

Here you get a overview over product line: Produktangebot von ALEASTUR.

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