About us

ALUinside AG, CH-4058 Basel

ALUinside – your partner in Aluminium-, steel and ironcasting.

Founded in 1997 in Basilea (CH) ALUinside AG offers highquality products and services for foundries. Due to close cooperation with our wellknown and innovative suppliers and distribution partners we are able to provide customized solutions for most of the problems appearing by casting metal. We take care on foundries in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Benelux and in Eastern Europe.

Our current program includes Aluminium foundry alloys, master alloys as TitanBor and AluminiumStrontium, Manganese, metallurgical products for cleaning of melt and furnace, grain refining and modification as well as ceramic foam filters. We can supply riser tubes made from Sialon, thermocouple protection tubes made from Silicon Nitride, diecoats, pouring spoones for diecast machines, crucibles or launder products made out of Fused Silica and latest we can offer as well quality assurance equipment f.e. to qualify density index. Furthermore we offer the service and assistance for all the products mentioned above.

By selecting our suppliers we concentrate on producers, where we have the possibility to take active influence on their working processes. This ensures that we can represent our customers in the best way possible. In our eyes this enables a continous development of service and quality.

On the following pages you can find information of our product range for Aluminium- steel and ironcasting. We offer not only highquality products, we provide service and assistance in case of problems and new developments of your casting portfolio. We work for your production safety and innovation force.